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Why Africa? I have been fortunate enough to talk to many people about my travels and the one thing that continues to interest me is the depth of experience, money, time, and frankly, guts that many riders think is necessary to ride in a foreign country. Among overseas destinations, Africa consistently raises an eyebrow as a tricky place to be, doubly so on a motorcycle. At the risk of losing some cool points in the pub…

I can tell you that the benefits of riding in Africa – the endless empty roads, massive skies, crossing elephant footprints with your tire tracks, hearing lions at night, talking with new friends around campfires, spotting giraffes and zebra and buck from the road, the lack of fences…

All of this FAR outweighs the cost and worries of getting there and it is easier to get there than you may think.

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 Renedian Adventures Motorcycle Safaris

Why not make 2014 the year you take items off your bucket list, rather than adding to it? Join world rider Rene Cormier on a fully guided and supported journey showcasing southern Africa’s finest riding.

Choose gravel or tarmac roads, and flank them with wild animals, magnificent sand-dunes, deserts and waterfalls. Rest comfortably at our carefully selected game lodges surrounded by world class hospitality and stories from the days’ ride.

Let us carry your luggage and your logistical worries, leaving you to immerse yourself in one of the least populated areas on earth – and one of the most spectacular!




“I would like to warn you about taking a Renedian Tour: It will spoil you for other tours.

Rene balances the need for adventure and comfort in a way that will have you talking about this trip for years.

You get an authentic feel for South Africa and its beauty.

The only thing you give up is worrying about logistics, amenities, and planning – leave that to Rene and his team.

Your time is focused on taking in this wonderful part of the continent in the only way someone should see it… on two wheels.

~Renato D

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