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African Motorcycle Safaris

Discover Our Mythical Land

Adventure Safaris

Whether your interests are with seeing wild animals, feeling the pulse of Africa’s heart through gravel roads, or immersing yourself in spectacular scenery, there’s a tour for you. Read about them and answer three questions to find the one best for you.


Authentic Africa

Southern Africa is our stomping grounds and sole focus. That’s important because Africa relies on relationships to get things done. Experience the ride of a lifetime from people intimately familiar with this mythical and wonderful land. Read about us.


Epic Experiences

Lunch on a patio overlooking legendary Victoria Falls, canoe past crocodiles, zebras, antelopes, and water buffalo, wait for elephants to cross the road, climb some of the world’s highest sand dunes, watch lions lolling on the savannah. Read the stories.

Renedian Adventures Motorcycle Safaris



I would like to warn you about taking a Renedian Tour: It will spoil you for other tours. Rene balances the need for adventure and comfort in a way that will have you talking about this trip for years. You get an authentic feel for South Africa and its beauty. The only thing you give up is worrying about logistics, amenities, and planning – leave that to Rene and his team.”

~Renato D

Chris M.

“I think that Rene has found the right balance for riding, sight-seeing and activities for the trip. The hospitality was great from everyone that we met in South Africa and Namibia, the lodging and food were first rate and all-in-all it was an excellent experience Travelling by bike gives a unique perspective when you stop and drink-in the scenery of each country. Most people in Canada comment that it sounds like the trip of a lifetime, and I agree with them.”

~Chris M.


“My favourite parts were the amazing scenery riding through the wilderness – the sense of pulling off to the side of a dirt road and being all alone with nothing as far as you could see in any direction.”

~Shawn L.


“I tell everyone that the romance and adventure I dreamt of when I signed up were replaced with grave concern as my departure date arrived. Was I going to be a skilled enough a rider to keep up, would I fit in with a group of strangers and of course the safety thing…..was I stupid or what? All of my concerns were eliminated by the quality of the operation, the attention to detail and the personal interaction that you and Colette provided… videotaping us as we rode, arranging for the tour through the Townships provided a sobering reflection of how fortunate I am, visiting Monkey town, even small things like providing time and “strongly suggesting” that we make our journal entries every night. Your experience as a world traveller and your care really showed through We were a small enough group to be properly looked after and not have the “hustled off like a herd of cattle” feeling. I never once felt like just a customer, but more an integral part of a great group experience.”

~Peter K.


“The food and accommodations were second only to the incredible scenery and terrain we travelled through. The side-tours and guides we had to show us everything from African wildlife to the living deserts of Namibia were first class. You just can’t find this kind of terrain to ride in Canada.”

~Rod M.


“We took the July/August 2012 ‘Wildlife and Waterfall’ tour with very high expectations and they were met and surpassed. Rene, Henk and Colette were suburb hosts and made the tour both informative and fun at the same time. This was the trip of a lifetime and I would recommend it to anyone who rides a motorcycle and loves adventure (don’t we all). There is always a million reasons why you can’t go on a trip like this but after taking this tour I would say ignore the reasons not to go and just do it. YOU WON’T REGRET IT!!! WE WILL BE BACK AGAIN!!!”

~Don and Candy C.


“We started planning to take the July/August 2012 ‘Wildlife and Wilderness’ tour back in January, 2011 and we had built up HUGE expectations for the trip; to the point we were wondering if perhaps we had anticipated the trip so long that we may have set our expectations too high. Well, we didn’t. The trip exceeded all our expectations. Rene, Collette and Henk did an amazing job of hosting our group through Africa and ensuring we had a jam packed adventure! In addition to an amazing route for riding we flew over deltas, went on safaris, camped in the wilderness, enjoyed a river boat cruise, saw Victoria Falls & zip lined across the gorge!! Amazing hosts, great fellow riders and an extremely well planned trip made this a trip of a lifetime for us. We only wish we could do this every year. The only downfall of the trip was now Sue wants a BMW! We couldn’t recommend it more highly – Just do it!”

~Roger and Sue K.


“This trip offered us the ability to merge the African experience of wildlife, scenery, and culture with the motorcycle travel component. This trip allowed Mike to take one item out of his “bucket list” and it was accomplished in an enjoyable and uncomplicated manner. Rene over-delivered on expectations delivering some of the most scenic experiences of our lives in some of the most memorable locations, all with a little touch of adventure. The only real negative of this trip was that we could not spend more time at many of the places we had the opportunity to visit. The weather, equipment, food, accommodations, and support all added up to a once in the life time trip for us.”

~Michael and Marianne R.


“It’s hard to explain something so breathtakingly awesome. I have ridden across Canada and all through the United States and have never experienced anything like this. Sherri and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the trip. Rene and Henk did a fantastic job on all aspects of the ride right down to the road side lunches that Henk prepared for us. The accommodations were superb and every night was different than the next. If you want to take a motorcycle vacation with lots of animals and I mean LOTS of animals, national geographic stuff, this is the trip!! Everyday we pinched ourselves to say “we are in Africa on a motorcycle. It doesn’t get any better than this.” The safaris were out of this world and Victoria Falls was spectacular and the full moon rainbow is the best. We could go on and on how great this trip is, but, if you are reading this, you just need to go and see for yourself!!!! Remember, it’s not the trip, it’s the adventure and it was a spectacular adventure…. Cheers again guys and we will be back…”

~Mike and Sherri F.


“It is hard to put into words how incredible this trip was “Tears come to my eyes now as I think about how to explain it all. It was so special. Rene and Henk made us all feel so at ease (and safe), made every day easy to just go with the flow and provided us with countless laughs. Each day we were in awe of what we saw and did… yet the next day would still be even better. The group size was perfect and we have come home with friends for life (including Rene and Henk). The food and accommodations were top notch It was so much more than expected for the price of the trip. 14 sunny days, 10 fantastic lodges, 1 night of camping in the wild, 3 countries, 7 BMW motorcycles, 11 riders, 4 border crossings, Over 3,000 km’s, 1 close run in with an ostrich, 3 Safari drives, 4 unforgettable sundowners, 1 flat tire, too many animals to count, Waterfalls and a river cruise, plane, helicopter and elephant rides, great food, great laughs, great people” Our African adventure… priceless.”

~Nicole and Gary R.

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