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Client Poem: This is Africa (TIA)

We love it when our clients share their African-inspired creativity with us. We’re grateful to Mary Beth Alexander for authoring the poem and sharing the photo. Mary Beth and her husband Bob joined us on the 2016 Victoria Falls to Cape Town tour.  Read her story here.

TIA (This is Africa)

We open our eyes to the first painted sky, we’re here, a new perfect day “TIA” , This is Africa.

The falls so deep, steam rises up high, What a day!  “TIA”, This is Africa.

The sounds of the lazy, wild lion, elephant, kudu, and giraffe, “Outstanding we say!”  “TIA”, This is Africa.

The taste of the desert, grit in our teeth, the sun overhead, an exhausting feat. What can I say? “TIA”, This is Africa.

The expressions of kindness and warmth of their smiles, our hosts give us song in perfect array. “TIA”, This is Africa.

The alarming winds protect the guardian of the sea, we pass slowly, their rules we abide, from the Falls to the Sea, so wild and free. We want to stay. “TIA”, This is Africa.

The possessions we shed all along the way, as time went  by it became more about the day. “TIA”, This is Africa.

If only for a moment in time, we’ve traveled and seen the spirit of land embrace man.  There are many things in life that have caught our eye, but only a few that can touch our hearts. What a perfect stay, “TIA” , This is Africa.

this is africa

Inspired and titled by my travels with Rene and Rob  Sept 2016

Mary Beth Alexander