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MedjetAssist – Air Medical Transport

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MedjetAssist – Air Medical Transport



A message from Rene:

An Air-Medical Transport policy is a prerequisite of all of our tours. Although there hasn’t been a need in the history of Renedian Adventures for this service, we highly recommend MedjetAssist for this service for an adventure traveler to Africa or any foreign land.

We carry this as a personal policy year round as it comes into effect as long as we are more than 150 miles from home. Medjet can arrange comprehensive medical transport to get you back to the hospital of your choice in your home country.

Click here for more information or to sign-up for MedjetAssist

Other supplemental travel insurance which will only provide transport to the nearest ‘adequate’ medical facility, as determined by the insurer, not the client. Disclosure: Renedian Adventures is an approved affiliate of MedjetAssist and receives a small referral fee when anyone signs up for this service. This does not change the cost to you. There is no charge to the individual for using a referral—the commission is entirely paid by the carrier. The carrier is prohibited from selling the policy any cheaper if an individual does not use a referral.

~Rene Cormier
Renedian Adventures




MedjetAssist is the premier global air-medical transport membership program for travelers. If a member is hospitalized more than 150 miles from home – virtually anywhere in the world – MedjetAssist reviews his or her condition with the attending medical staff and the Medjet physician and arranges medical transfer to the hospital of their choice at no additional cost. MedjetAssist has its corporate headquarters in Birmingham, Ala., and is the exclusive provider of medical evacuation and repatriation services for AARP.


Click here for more information or to sign-up for MedjetAssist