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Post-Tour Questionnaire Results 2016

As part of our ongoing practice to continuously improve our clients’ experiences, we surveyed those who traveled with us in Africa this year. Ninety-three percent responded and gave us valuable feedback we can incorporate into our tours.

In the spirit of openness, we’ve included verbatim comments, submitted in response to our questions.

As always, if you have further questions, we’d be happy to address them. Just send an email to


questionnaire results 2016


  • Motorcycle show
  • Rene’s book University of Gravel Roads
  • Presentation at motorcycle dealer
  • Other event
  • Magazine
  • Word of mouth
  • Google search
  • Other



  • Rider
  • Pillion
  • Rode in support vehicle


  • Always wanted to travel to this part of the world.
  • Particularly interested in travelling by motorcycle in this part of the world.
  • The dates fit my schedule.
  • This was a bucket list item
  • Wanted to go on a tour with Rene.
  • Accompanied a friend or partner.



  • About right.
  • Would have liked it to be longer.
  • Would have liked it to be shorter.





  1. Interacting with locals was an example and learning experience. Arrangements at the lodges were smooth, we loved each one. It was fun anticipating the next day and the next evening’s location. Enjoyed watching Rene and other more seasoned travelers interact with the Africans. The people became #1, riding became just transportation. We loved the gas stops. Rob was a top-notch wingman. Hope you can keep him on a short leash. We know enough of Africa to want to return. We are still looking at pictures. The rest of the riders were fun to meet. We thought the group all worked well together – What did Rene and Rob think ???
  2. Organize — everything was so well organized. Lodging arrangements were also outstanding for the most part.
  3. Responsive to any all riders
  4. Great choices for safaris, lodges, staff
  5. It was clearly well planned with all that could be done to make this a memorable and enjoyable trip.
  6. Choosing hotels, side trips, and menus. The “truck café” was a great idea. Stops every hour were greatly appreciated.
  7. Extremely well organized.
  8. The entire package was *****.
  9. Everything.
  10. I felt the layout of the tour was amazing. It was not just about the riding, the Safari’s and bush camping were fantastic. The accommodations and food which much more than I expected.
  11. Very nice and helpful.
  12. Rene and Rob did a tremendous job of making sure that each day went as smoothly as possible for everyone, allowing us to focus on the experiences we had.
  13. As above- attention to every individual’s detailed questions, comments or concerns! The keeping on Time for leaving and trip details I thought was excellent, but that also depends on the group of people in the tour, but the Tour also keep us in check
  14. Planning, communication, meeting needs of riders with money transfers and border crossings.
  15. Very organized.
  16. Everything very pleased.
  17. Rene and Rob, both, were extremely calm, friendly, and helpful, throughout the tour. We Really liked the itinerary and the parks we saw, as well as the way it was all put together (small plane into the Okavango and camping, river sunset cruise, 2 days with options in Vic Falls, small jeeps for the safaris, etc.). Appreciated Rene’s explicit description and information each evening about the upcoming day. We really like most of the lodges and food that were chosen. Very much enjoyed being on a tour without it feeling like it was a tour-it felt much like a small, almost private experience.
  18. Adventure and fun.
  19. Planning of the route, arranging of the accommodations, letting us have enough freedom to do what we wanted even though it was a group setting
  20. Loved the two days in Victoria Falls. Rene did a outstanding job planning our extended trip for the twelve days down to Cape Town.
  21. Whole thing was fab!!
  22. Having a few off days (or optional days) was great, when you are always on the go everything seems rushed. Being somewhat flexible worked nicely too, after a request to photograph an African village, we stopped at a small village in Botswana to greet villagers and get a feel for their living conditions. It was totally impromptu but very appreciated and deeply moving.
  23. Blending of riding and other tour activities.
  24. Mix of accommodations, local knowledge, attitude.
  25. Enjoyed Rene as a person. Competent, experienced, genuine.
  26. Everything! Accommodations, side trips, information on locations.
  27. Rene mixed well with everyone and ran an excellent tour.
  28. The trip was a great mix of different animal experiences in different environments. The opportunity to go out with the Trust Renedian supports and visit the local people and various projects was a phenomenal experience. We’ll never forget it. I understand this was the first time the Trust offered this and I hope they continue. It provides insight that you just wouldn’t get otherwise.
  29. Kept the group moving w/o worry!
  30. Pretty much everything.
  31. The attention given to every small detail, from border crossings to accommodation. We felt very well cared for. We also really enjoyed the small group.
  32. Patience with slow(er) rider. :)
  33. A very well rounded tour. Much more than just a motorcycle adventure. Also, very accommodating to all the “issues” we managed to have.
  34. Side trips, accommodation, driver.
  35. Renedian Adventures not only took excellent care of us but helped make us into a group that was a lot of fun to be part of. We also really appreciated all of the help we received in planning the rest of our time in Namibia and South Africa.
  36. Places we stayed
  37. Accommodate personal interests.
  38. Showed us great parts of Africa
  39. Perfect distance vs time on bike daily
  40. I can’t think of anything Renedian Adventures didn’t do well.
  41. Rene kept the mystery and adventure every day. Every day, by the end of the day, it was clear the special and unique experience he was sharing with us.
  42. Problem solving. Took very good care of the riders.
  43. I don’t know where to start. This trip exceeded my expectations in all regards. Everything was so well organized. Rene is an absolute master at guiding a tour. I could go on for days.
  44. Very personable, one on one conversations and outstanding hospitality. I especially liked the personal touch Rene includes, meeting his family! Great people and lovely conversation with Colette, her mother and the boys!
  45. Opened my eyes to the world.


  1. Nothing.
  2. Nothing.
  3. As with any motorcycle tour – ( we have only done 3 ) there is never enough time to see the sights. The extra day on the front end, and two nights in two different locations was an excellent way to try and get the most from being on another continent so different from the US. So, maybe there is a way to increase the ” touristy” part of the trip – Not sure how. Maybe just go again, eh?
  4. N/A.
  5. I thought that an optional van day trip to the east coast at the beginning of the tour while everyone was assembling would be a good idea. Some complaints regarding the long ride out of the delta
  6. Prefer to fly out of delta. Would be worth extra cost. Everyone on our tour agreed. Also suggest to women to bring a she-wee for camping night haha.
  7. Can you put a few bends in the roads? (hahaha)
  8. The stop at the meteorite with the extra hour getting in and out could have been skipped, as this was the longest riding day. More time at the destination hotel would have been appreciated.
  9. A ride wouldn’t be the same without Rene. That’s not to say that Rob wasn’t great but I signed up to ride with Rene.
  10. It was all good! If everything was absolutely perfect, it would not be an adventure.
  11. Free Beer & Wine. I replacement for Rob. More sand roads. (you know I’m just kidding Rob) No improvements needed.
  12. Better accommodations if possible.
  13. Towards the end of the trip (wine tour/car tour) it started to get not as organized with information- time/cost/meeting the group for dinner- etc. I know it was like herding ostrich (no brains) but keeping up with the time/agenda is key. Minor thing.
  14. Rooms at very start and very end.
  15. Very satisfied.
  16. Small things, like always enough of everything for everyone (e.g. lunch meat). This is very minor stuff. In Okavango Delta, decision was made for few people to go back. This affected all of the group, majority had to just wait at camp. My expectation would be that such decisions are discussed with group prior to execution.
  17. More pre-trip tips and tricks on what you really need to bring (i.e. won’t find, or likely don’t need).
  18. Not a thing.
  19. Pick me up in a helicopter. :)
  20. They say there is always room for improvement, but I just can’t think of anything. This was a very well done tour.
  21. Make the roads in Botswana curvy.
  22. We would have liked to have a real map that we could have highlighted the route on.
  23. It isn’t a showstopper but I still can’t say I like that road out of the Okavango Delta! Given the chance a 2nd time I’d prefer the option to also fly out. In addition, I think you actually appreciate the magnitude of the area better from the air.
  24. Nothing really. There is already a philosophy of continuing improvement in place.
  25. ?? – talk to him @ Toronto shows.
  26. Hmmm.
  27. I froze in open van going to dunes. Warn us to bring all warm clothes, hats, etc.
  28. Get more Rene’s.
  29. Nothing I can think of.
  30. We were so happy and impressed with this trip, I can’t think of anything to do differently. If I do think of something, I will send another note.
  31. Can’t think of anything.
  32. Further to my previous response, I could find no fault with my trip. I’ve been on several guided tours before and none nearly as much fun as this one. I absolutely loved every aspect.
  33. Hard to improve on excellent!




  1. It was fun.
  2. Would love to go on another tour with Renedian Adventures, but I’m pretty much a solo rider so might try to pull something off on my own in another part of Africa.
  3. We will return to Africa but not on another of these three tours—perhaps another continent?
  4. I want to see other parts of the world, at my age may not get back.
  5. My wife comes with me as pillion passenger and long days on gravel roads wouldn’t suit. Reading the other trip descriptions all show substantial amounts of off-pavement riding.
  6. I’ve ridden ATW North to South and the East to West but never had a chance to ride in Africa. Thus we took the trip. I don’t usually take organized rides as I plan my own – didn’t feel comfortable doing this in Africa. Now that I’ve been there if I decide to go again I’ll just rent a moto.
  7. South America is of interest.
  8. I’m ready for South America
  9. Other locations not Africa. Not much time left.
  10. We are limited in terms of the time of year that we can travel (teacher schedules).
  11. Hope to go on a South America tour. Would gladly come back again to Africa and this time I would ride my own but only on black top.
  12. Depends on finances.
  13. Only if you have a tour where I would like to go.
  14. Look forward to hotel-based South America trip!
  15. Interested in touring other parts of the world in this manner – looking forward to other possible routes in South America, etc.
  16. The coming together of a schedule and location.
  17. Will depend on new locations such as the South America proposed tour, having now already been to Africa and having no interest in Mongolia.
  18. All depends on health and finances. In addition, need to pay attention to my spouse’s bucket list.
  19. It’s a big world and Rene’ does not cover all of it.
  20. Most interested in traveling to other parts of this big world.
  21. Depends on location of tour
  22. Trip was great and Rene could not have been better. We liked the low-key approach and appreciated Rene’s local contacts and knowledge. We felt we saw a side of these countries we would otherwise have missed had we gone with someone less knowledgeable.
  23. If we would do another ‘tour’ as a group, we would very likely use Renedian. However, traveling with Rene and Robert made us feel as though next time, we could do it on our own. So for instance, we might not do the same tour but if we wanted to do the Western Cape, we would be OK with our own planning.
  24. 2018 we hope.
  25. We look forward to hearing about Argentina and we would also love to travel more in Africa.
  26. ..
  27. It was too good. Don’t want to spoil the memory.
  28. Mongolia is too hard. We’ve motorcycled in S. America. We’re getting old!
  29. This was the trip of a lifetime we could afford to do only once.
  30. Time and or money.
  31. I am a factory worker and can’t afford this kind of vacation. But it’s the best way to spend time away.
  32. I’m mostly interested in dirt/gravel road riding. So if something like that is available, I will certainly look into it. South America would be great. I would love to be part of the Beta trip there.
  33. Looking forward to South America!
  34. As blossoming travellers we love the package of adventure with motorcycles in a new country that Renedian offers. I think Argentina is our next Renedian adventure
  35. Reasonable price for outstanding tour. Also, exceeded my expectations.
  36. Mongolia then Argentina and then more Africa. Deposit will be coming.
  37. I would like to ride the roads that I could not for most of the trip,