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All Women Africa Motorcycle Tour

Alisa Clickenger (a.k.a.  Motoadventuregal) of Women’s Motorcycle Tours, is taking a women only group on the Waterfalls and Wildlife tour in 2018, presented by Renedian Adventures. Here she’s interviewed about her tour, the amazing rides she’s led, and her two passions of animal gazing and motorcycles.

Riding Experience

Alisa’s been a street rider for more than 20 years, dual sport for more than 10 years and loves touring on 2 wheels, especially on the roads less travelled. As well as extensive touring in North America, Alisa’s ridden in Southern Africa and in 2009-2010 completed a 7-month solo journey from New York to Argentina. For her, the best things about motorcycle travel are moving through self-perceived limitations and experiencing the generosity of strangers—no matter where in the world you are.

Five years ago, Alisa started Women’s Motorcycle Tours, specializing in life-changing experiences on two wheels.

Tour Leading Experience

Alisa started her motorcycle touring experience working for an Austrian-based company. She’s enjoyed lots of solo riding, riding with other women, and really enjoys watching how they come to riding as a sport and experience as a form of self-exploration. The desire to share that with others led to the founding of Women’s Motorcycle Tours.

In 2016, she organized the Sisters Centennial Motorcycle Ride, leading nearly 100 women across the United States from Brooklyn to San Francisco. By the time they crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, there was a parade of 250 people.

Alisa wants to continue that momentum and create more life-changing experience for women on two wheels, which is why she’s leading a women’s motorcycle tour to South Africa.

Why She Does It

Most of it’s give back. This sport has given her so much in terms of self-esteem, a place to belong, a tribe she’s at home with, and a framework for her life. She doesn’t expect every woman who rides with her to make motorcycling her lifestyle but she wants them to have a first-hand experience about how transformative riding a motorcycle can be.

Experience with Renedian

Several years ago, Alisa put her motorcycle tours on hold so she could work on a conservation project in Namibia for two years. At the end of that, she contacted Rene and ended up joining one of his tours. It was like coming full circle back into motorcycles.

She enjoys working with Rene, particularly because of his world view tempered by being a round-the-world traveller for four and a half years, being on tour with him, and seeing how he conducts his tours and gives himself to his clients. He’s a great role model and she’s excited to do a tour with him, using the tried and tested itinerary from his Waterfalls and Wildlife Tours.

Waterfalls and Wildlife Women’s Tour – August 17-31, 2018

The tour is all pavement and a great blend of motorcycling and animals, including two nights at the 5-star hotel in Victoria Falls, a fly-in safari, a nighttime safari, a boat safari, and two days in Etosha National Park. You’ll see all the land and water animals, great scenery, stay in delicious hotels and eat fantastic foods.

Alisa and Rene have refined it slightly to specifically to make a nice blend geared for an all women’s group.

Skill Requirements

Riders need to be confident on a motorcycle, preferably with at least 5,000 miles of experience. Your skills need to be innate, especially because in South Africa, traffic drives on the left side of the road.

You‘ll be riding BMW motorcycles, with at least four lowered to fit someone with a 29” inseam. Anyone that needs a lowered bike should go to a dealer to try one on first. When you register, specify your height requirements.

What to Bring

The tour is fully supported with a guide (Alisa), and local guide. All luggage will be carried in the support vehicle so the only thing you need to carry on your bike is water, your camera, and possibly an extra layer of clothing.

You’ll receive a comprehensive packing list so you’ll know exactly what to bring. Plan for a variety of temperatures. Much of the area is desert with cool mornings and evenings, warming during the day.

Bring all your riding gear. Complete gear, leaving no skin exposed, is required anytime you’re riding.

Renedian sends a comprehensive packing list to all guests.

Accommodation is in posh hotels with internet connection every night, except the night you camp in the bush. You can purchase a cell phone and/or SIM card when you arrive, although we recommend you try and stay unplugged as much as possible to focus on the incredible experience.

What to Expect

Alisa’s intent is that everyone on this trip wants to return to Africa. She expects profound riding experiences and animal sightings that will blow your minds. She hopes everyone leaves as enchanted with Africa as she is.

Ideally, plan to stay a minimum of two extra days on either side of the trip, to get acclimatized and take in additional sights.

Group Size

The trip is limited to 12-15 women, including Alisa, so availability is limited.

Registration and Contact Information

Women’s Motorcycle Tours – full itinerary and trip details

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