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Which Motorcycle Safari is Right for You?


How to chose the Renedian Adventures motorcycle tour that’s best for you?

Answer these three questions to help you along




1.) Can you travel to Africa at any time of the year?

Renedian Adventures run tours from July through to December to correspond with the best riding weather for any given tour.  Generally speaking, we start north in the winter (Africa’s winter is June-July-August) and head south as the new year approaches. Winter in Botswana and Namibia are characterized by cool nights (5C/40F), pleasant blue-sky days (25C/77F) and no rain. Our hottest temperatures happen in Spectacular South West Africa 2- we have seen 40C/104F in Namibia. Luckily, the lack of humidity makes these occasional hot days more bearable.


If you are restricted by when you can get away, here is a rough timeline:

Waterfalls and Wildlife (1st tour: JULY)
Waterfalls and Wildlife (2nd tour: AUGUST)

Victoria Falls to Cape Town (late AUGUST or early SEPTEMBER)

Spectacular South West Africa (1st tour: SEPTEMBER)
Spectacular South West Africa(2nd tour: OCTOBER)

The Garden Route (November)



2.) Do you like fun, gravel roads?

The roads on our tours are either paved or gravel. People are often impressed with the quality of the paved roads, assisted by the fact that these paved roads do not have a harsh winter to deal with. The gravel roads are good quality, wide, secondary highways. They are well crowned, but they are still made with a natural surface which changes with the amount of traffic on them and the amount of maintenance. They are generally in very good condition, however Africa is not the place to discover if you like gravel or not. For those choosing the trips that have gravel roads, please realize that the more comfortable you are on gravel in your home country, the more you will be able to enjoy your time in Africa.

We strongly encourage those riders who have been off gravel roads for a while to take a training course (or two) that will allow you to brush up on those gravel road skills and allow you to enjoy all aspects of your African ride. In Calgary we endorse the Too Cool Motorcycle School and near Toronto we support S.M.A.R.T. Training which operates out of Horseshoe Valley Resort north of Barrie.


99% paved Waterfalls and Wildlife

75% pavedVictoria Falls to Cape Town

60% paved - Spectacular South West Africa

90% pavedThe Garden Route



3.) How many animals do you want to see?

One of the major appeals of Africa of course is the wildlife. There are lovely roads all over the world, but you will only find lovely roads + giraffes + lions + African elephants + hippos… in Africa. Some riders are content with one quick photo of each of the animals they see, other riders are keen to spend all morning photographing birds. Keeping in mind that although this is an motorcycle tour and not a photographic safari, we still have many hours on some tours to devote to animal watching. Our Waterfalls and Wildlife tour is – in a practical sense – a motorcycle tour bringing you from one safari to another. The Spectacular South West Africa tour is more for the riders, and because we see less animals as part of the two week itinerary, we offer a 3-day Etosha safari add-on to the end of that tour, for those who want gravel roads and an African safari experience.


Waterfalls and Wildlife
Five safaris, flight over the Okavango Delta, and 2 riding days through National Parks with a good chances of seeing wildlife from the motorcycle

Victoria Falls to Cape Town
Four safaris, and 2 riding days through National Parks with a good chances of seeing wildlife from the motorcycle

Spectacular South West Africa
Some Namibian wildlife seen from the bikes, good chances for Southern Right whale sightings along the coast. The optional 3 day safari provides the best wildlife encounters for this trip.

The Garden Route
Two safaris at Addo Elephant National Park, good chances for Southern Right whale sightings along the coast.


Other questions about which Renedian Adventures Motorcycle Tour is Right for You?

Call us or send us an email and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions!

(and remember… all our tours can be done 2-up)