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Ron and Linda Morris

A visit to fabled Victoria Falls was what drew Ron and Linda Morris to sign up for the Waterfalls and Wildlife motorcycle safari. It had been on their Bucket List for years and after their trip, it could come off. But they were so enamored with Africa, their list had become longer than the one they started with.


RLM 20160824_115841 Ron and Linda Morris


RLM 20160824_114213_001 tree
RLM DSCN0334 bird long


In seventeen years of riding, the Pittsburg couple has been to Europe, 27 states, and five provinces. While their riding interest has primarily been on pavement, it’s shifting to include more off-road. Ron loves his 1200 Triumph Tiger and Linda alternates between her BMW F800S and the F700GS.

Two short mission trips to Uganda had piqued Linda’s desire to see more of the continent, including Victoria Falls, and bring Ron with her. Fortunately, it didn’t take much arm-twisting. As much as they love riding, it became secondary to other experiences. Cars pass up and down the street in both directions and no one gives them a second look but when a group of 15 motorcycles approaches, everyone runs to the street to wave. What captured their hearts were the people, interactions at gas stops, and the attention their group raised moving through the countryside.


RLM 20160821_112127 rest stop
RLM 20160826_141039 VF


RLM DSCN0333 Giraffe long
RLM 20160823_100900 Morrises leather jackets


Divava and the Bush Camp topped their experiences. And wherever they went, the people were the best part.

The Divava River Lodge on the banks of the Okavango River was a highlight for Linda, who found the staff particularly endearing. Open, friendly, and happy to talk about their homes and their lives, Ron and Linda felt like they were with old friends.

From their outdoor vantage point, they watched children fishing from a dugout canoe with only string and a hook, oblivious to the hippos and crocodiles nearby. Returning from a walk a few hours later, more children rushed out of their huts to greet them and about nine of them saw the group off the following morning.


RLM 20160824_130335 anteater
RLM 20160823_114443 leopard yawning


RLM 20160824_130315 ant hill
RLM DSCN0357 elephant long


The visit to the Bush Camp was “awesome”. “We flew into the bush for 40 minutes and landed on a dirt airstrip,” Linda recalls. “Safari vehicles were waiting to take us to a campsite that was all set up and then they served us a fantastic meal! The staff were out of this world, eager to share stories of their family and life.”


RLM DSCN0248 group
RLM DSCN0301 watering hole


“It was so exciting to be out in the middle of nowhere, looking at the night sky, and waiting for something around them to move, or an animal to walk through,“ Ron adds. The sky view brought back memories from more than 40 years ago when he was in the Coast Guard, sailing around the world, often sleeping out on the deck. “The sky looked like a magician had thrown his hand in the air with all the stars. It was just covered.”


RLM 20160821_133552 bicyclist
RLM 20160821_112127 rest stop


RLM 20160825_092652 sign long
RLM 20160823_100900 Morrises leather jackets


And what about Victoria Falls, their Bucket List reason for making the trip? “I can’t even say Victoria Falls was the best part of the trip,” says Ron. “It was the most spectacular—a world class place with interesting people from all over the globe great service, great food, beautiful surrounding, and an incredible helicopter ride.

Now that their Bucket List has grown, they want to go back and rent a car and camp. “We want to do some of what we did in other places.”


RLM 20160828_173838 wine glass


Photo Credits: Ron and Linda Morris